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Sleep: Training

boy sleeping at desk

People spend about a third of their lifetime sleeping yet most know very little about sleep. When sleep difficulties arise it can be difficult to know how to tackle them, but often simple changes can make a dramatic difference. When people develop their understanding of sleep and sleep difficulties, their own lives and the lives of the children who they live and/or work with can be transformed.

Sleep training can be provided on its own or combined with other topics. It is suitable for families, carers, teachers, and other professionals. It is tailored to the individual needs of the group but often includes:

  • Understanding the importance of sleep
  • Understanding normal sleep
  • Behavioural sleep difficulties
  • Sleep conditions
  • Developing strategies to overcome sleep difficulties
  • Managing the personal stress associated with children’s sleep difficulties
  • Using a specific framework to help to address future difficulties
  • Managing behaviour
  • Working with people with autism
  • Improving communication

The intention is to provide training that is informative, interactive and thought-provoking and that develops the skills and confidence of individuals to a level where they feel able to manage in the future with limited professional support.

If you would like to discuss your training needs or would like further information on the training I provide, please contact me.