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Behaviour Management

boy behaving badly

All children have times when they push the boundaries and do not behave appropriately. Toddlers and teenagers in particular can be difficult to manage and their behaviour can be challenging. This is all part of their normal development. However, sometimes such difficulties can become more severe or long-standing. When this happens, behavioural problems can become very difficult to resolve. This can cause a great deal of stress for the family and relationships can break down.

Behavioural difficulties can be one of the biggest concerns for parents and teachers. Children can be verbally or physically inappropriate towards others, or can harm themselves. This behaviour can affect a child’s development and their ability to learn, play, maintain friendships and generally enjoy life.

Behavioural problems can be complicated to understand, and their causes difficult to determine. Behaviours can become more severe if there is an emotional problem, lack of boundaries or consistency, illness or pain, lack of sleep, or hunger. Children are more likely to have behavioural problems if they have limitations with their communication, difficulties in managing arousal levels or a need for routine and predictability.

Over time, behavioural problems can become ingrained and more severe, making inappropriate behaviour increasingly difficult to manage. This can cause a great deal of distress for those involved. The relationships between children, siblings and parents can break down. Teachers can lose their job satisfaction and dread going to work, and staff morale can deteriorate.

Parents often persevere with these difficulties without seeking help. Often they feel that they should be able to manage the child’s behaviour themselves. They may fear they will be blamed for the behaviour, hope the behaviour will stop on its own, or they may not think that anyone will be able to help.

Appropriate assessment and management can be extremely effective in reducing the severity and impact of behavioural problems.

My approach to behavioural problems

I believe that no-one is to blame for behavioural difficulties. I offer a non-judgemental service for families, teachers and other professionals. The services I offer include assessment of behavioural problems; treatment to reduce the intensity and frequency of undesirable behaviours and increase the frequency of desirable behaviours; training to increase understanding, improve relationships, develop strategies and manage personal stress; and consultation for teachers and other professionals.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss your difficulties and/or requirements without obligation. Following this discussion I will be able to provide an estimate for the assessments and/or other services you require.