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Behaviour Management: Treatment

girl behaving badly

Follow-up support

Following the initial assessment I offer a service for families or teachers who need further support to implement the recommendations in the post-assessment plan. Alternatively a review of progress can be arranged once the recommendations have been put into place.

One-to-one therapy

Some children value the opportunity to meet with me on their own to explore their concerns. This is often the case if there are underlying emotional difficulties. Children with developmental or learning disabilities may benefit from individual work to help them to develop specific skills such as understanding emotions. When I meet with children, I aim to make sessions fun and informal and at a location where the child feels most comfortable. If it is inappropriate for me to meet with the child, or if they would find it too stressful, I can also work indirectly through a family member or teacher.

Involving the family and others in therapy

Each family’s situation is unique. Parents and teachers are generally the ones who know a child’s individual needs best. They are also most able to help a child to change the way they respond from day to day. Consequently, behavioural problems are often resolved most easily through working together and collaborative thinking. This is a process that can be achieved with parents, or it can be appropriate for families, teachers and other professionals to work together with my support.