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Autism Spectrum Disorder

autistic boy

Autism is a lifelong developmental disorder that affects around 1 in every 100 children. It is a serious and disabling disorder which causes difficulties in communicating and relating to other people. Autism is a spectrum condition which means that it affects each person and each family in different ways. It can have a huge impact on both the person themselves and their family.

When a child first receives a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, parents generally respond with a range of different emotions. They can feel sadness, shock, anger, relief and sometimes denial. Whatever their experience, it is usually very difficult for them to take in the information they are given at the time of diagnosis. Support following diagnosis can be limited and as a consequence parents often feel very isolated and unclear about their child’s difficulties. Books and the internet can be informative and help parents to understand the condition, but they are not always particularly useful in helping to understand how autism specifically affects their individual child. Without this knowledge it can be difficult for parents to know what they can do to help their child to manage their difficulties and achieve their full potential.

I work with parents and teachers whose children have received a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. I help them to understand how their child is specifically affected. I identify each child’s strengths and difficulties, and the support, learning and resources that are needed to help the child to feel calmer, more able to communicate, and more able to understand their world.

I also work with families, teachers and other professionals to help them to manage the stress that can result from living or working with people with autism, and to support them to provide the best care.