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Autism: Treatment

autistic boy

Helping to manage behaviour and achieving potential

Often parents, carers and teachers find that the report and recommendations provided following assessment are all they need to help their child. However, I am able to provide additional support to implement the strategies that have been suggested, where needed.

Anxiety/low mood

Often children with autism experience heightened anxiety. The causes of this anxiety include specific phobias, changes in routine or lack of predictability, or heightened arousal levels. Children with autism are also more likely to experience low mood than those who do not have the condition.

I work with the child in order to help them manage their anxiety or low mood. If it is not appropriate for me to meet with the child or if they would find this too difficult, I am able to work through their family or teacher. The individual needs of the child and their family will determine the types of treatment I offer and the number and duration of the sessions that will be required. If you would like more information please contact me.

Improving social skills and interaction

Often children with autism find it difficult to develop and maintain relationships within their family or with their peers. I work with children and their families using play based approaches to develop their social understanding and enhance their ability to form meaningful relationships.


Siblings of children with autism often find their brother or sister’s behaviour difficult to understand. They can experience a range of both positive and negative emotions towards their brother or sister. Often they feel guilty for the negative emotions they experience and as a result can find it difficult to share their thoughts with family and friends. They can also have worries they feel that they cannot share with their family as they do not want to cause them additional stress.

I work with siblings of children with autism to help them to increase their understanding of the condition and their brother or sister’s specific difficulties. I can help them to express and normalise their emotions through games and fun activities. In addition I help them to problem solve and to develop more open communication with their parents about their thoughts and feelings.

I usually complete this work in three sessions which each last about an hour, however I can adjust the number and/or length of these sessions based on the needs of the family and child.

I also can work with both/all siblings from the same family together, using play-based methods to develop their relationship.