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Sleep: Assessment

boy sleeping at desk

Initially I usually meet with parents to discuss in detail what they understand to be the difficulties, and to find out about the child’s sleep habits. This initial assessment usually takes 1-2 hours.

It is not necessary for the child to come to this appointment, although they are welcome to attend if they would like. In many cases it is useful for me to meet with the child on a separate occasion to discuss their thoughts about sleep. Often children value the opportunity to talk about their concerns and it can be extremely helpful to include their thoughts and ideas within the sleep plan. I aim to keep these meetings informal and fun and at a location that is most suitable for the child.

Following the initial assessment, and if parents are in agreement, I generally visit the family home and any other place the child sleeps regularly to look at their sleeping environment.

The most effective sleep plans are often constructed through collaborative thinking, so once all the information has been gathered I usually meet with parents and, if appropriate, with the child and any other key people. Once the plan has been agreed, I produce a written report together with the sleep plan.